Fosters save lives!!

The Fawster DAWG program is THE most important piece of DAWG’s mission to save the lives of shelter dogs

Fosters provide a temporary home to a dog in need.  DAWG provides supplies and medical care for foster dogs, making it EASY and FREE to save a Dallas dog.

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Think you’re not home enough? That your apartment is too small? Or that you wouldn’t be able o give a foster dog enough love and attention?  Consider this: there are HUNDREDS of dogs in the Dallas shelter at any given time who would give their lives to be bored while waiting for you to come home from work!

Think you might be a good fit for any of these foster opportunities?

  • Shelter Shock Foster (for shy, timid dogs who are at risk in a shelter environment)
  • Medical Foster (helping a dog recover from a medical condition)
  • Heartworm Foster (HW+ dogs need a lot of down-time and rest)
  • Manners Foster (willing to train a dog to help the dog become adoptable)
  • Emergency Foster (available on short notice)
  • SAFE HOUSE Foster (for dogs whose owners leave violent situations but want their pets to be safe)
  • Senior dog foster (ages 8 and up)
  • Hospice Foster (providing a loving home to ease a dog through the last weeks or months of life)
  • Short-term (two week) Foster for a dog waiting for transport
  • Puppy Foster
  • Kitten foster
  • General All-purpose Foster
Fosters save TWO lives by opening their homes to a shelter pet, which opens a spot in for another homeless dog!  Meanwhile  foster dogs get the chance to decompress and heal while they learn how to be family members and prepare for their forever homes.


Download our foster application and save life today!

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Interested in fostering?

Sign up here.

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