How donations help.

Your donation dollars support Dallas dogs by providing medical help, food, supplies and training to help Dallas shelter dogs become amazing forever pets. through foster care and through support for adoptive families.

The DAWG Project saves Dallas dogs by helping the island of misfit toys dogs — heartworm positive dogs, shelter-shock dogs who need out of the shelter asap, larger, hard-to-place dogs, and senior dogs.

The mission of The DAWG Project is to save the lives of Dallas dogs through collaboration with the city, the shelter and the community, and to facilitate the movement of Dallas toward becoming a no-kill city.

We achieve our mission by implementing and managing three simple programs: Fawster DAWG, Adopt-A-DAWG and Lucky DAWG — building a foster network for Dallas city shelter; hosting adoption events for shelter dogs; coordinating with transport partners to arrange transport for Dallas dogs headed to forever homes in other cities.